Wednesday, 25 January 2017

My Top 3 Favourite Cookbooks.

I have loved trying out new recipes recently, and although I admit I don't do most of the cooking in the house, I do love cooking when I have the time so I have listed my favourite cookbooks to use when looking for healthy and tasty recipes.

I did The Body Coach plan a year or so ago now and it was great, but it's not something i'd do again. I understand the principles of each stage and have changed my attitude towards food so feel I can do it alone, however the Lean in 15 books are great to keep on the shelf for meal ideas. I am yet to purchase the 'sustain' book, but i've had a look through and it looks just as good as I imagined. They're quick and easy, generally very tasty, and fairly inexpensive to make.

This year I am making a conscious effort to have dairy free or meat free meals - it's not always necessary to have meat on your plate and I've found this out from the couple of Niomi Smart recipes i've tested. Her vegan take on Shepherds Pie is amazing and you don't miss the meat in it at all so this is definitely one of my favourite cookbooks already this year.

Both Madeleine Shaw books have been some of my favourites of the past few years. She's got some amazing healthier dessert recipes and as you know, I love a good dessert, so when I can make it a little healthier then it's a win win situation all round. If you're looking for some healthy dinner and lunch ideas then give these a try.

What cookbooks are you loving at the moment?

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