Sunday, 5 March 2017


Iceland has been a place we've always spoken about going to. Kyle is massively into all things space and science, so seeing the Northern Lights was something he always wanted to do, and of course going to the Blue Lagoon was on top my list as well.

So last November, in a moment of spontaneity, I booked us cheap flights with Wowair. I quickly realised how expensive accommodation was going to be so went on the hunt for an Airbnb and found this gorgeous apartment in downtown Reykjavik for only £287 for 3 nights. It was extremely clean, modern and just what we needed for our stay. So for anyone planning on going to Reykjavik, I would highly recommend Jolanta's apartment.

Before we arrived we knew there had been snow, but being me I didn't do too much research into it, and when we arrived we were a little surprised at quite how much snow there was. Apparently for the first time in a long time, Iceland had the most snow fall in one night. They had over 50cm fall in one night - that's up to the middle of my shin. You can imagine the struggle we had getting our suitcases over to the apartment through all that snow. It wasn't pretty.

The trips we booked on were the three you kind of have to do when you visit Iceland. There are loads of others, but we went on the most popular tours; the Northern Lights hunt, Golden Circle Tour and the Blue Lagoon.

We headed straight out on the Northern Lights tour when we arrived. We booked online with Grayline and it was a really great tour. These tours aren't cheap, but you certainly get what you pay for. The coaches to the locations to find the lights are comfortable and clean, and the tour guides are friendly and always give a lot of information.

We were lucky enough to see the Northern Lights. It was probably the most breathtaking thing I've ever seen and just couldn't believe that this light was dancing around in the sky so brightly. Even if it was something ridiculous like -4 (or what felt like -20), it was so worth it. The reason we headed out on the tour as soon as we arrived was because if you don't see the lights on your first trip, they let you go again another night for free so we wanted to give ourselves that option if we didn't see them.

The Golden Circle tour was the one I was looking forward to the least. It was one we booked because we wanted to see the Gullfoss waterfall and the Geysirs, but it wasn't the tour I was most excited about. However, saying that this tour was really good. We spent most of the day on the coach but the views were incredible. The Gullfoss was everything I imagined and although I couldn't take my hand out of my glove for more than 10 seconds, and my face was completely numb, it was incredible to see this huge waterfall in the middle of the Icelandic landscape. The other stops on the tour were the National Park and the Geysirs. I think the Geysirs were my favourite bit. Seeing the water shoot out of the ground was awesome and something I think everyone should go and see.

The last trip was to the Blue Lagoon. I don't need to say much about this as it's always all over Facebook and you can just imagine how awesome it is to be in 40 degree water that is naturally heated in the springs. It was the perfect trip to end our very quick and busy trip to Reykjavik.

If you're thinking about going to Iceland, I couldn't recommend it enough. It's expensive. Very expensive. The food prices there are insane so you'll need a lot of spending money, but it's worth every penny. Also, I'd recommend flying with Wowair. It's cheap, cheerful and the flight attendants are hilarious.

We want to go back again when it's not snowing and possibly drive around and see it for ourselves. I'd love to head down to the south coast and also do some of the other tours like the horse riding, but for now it's on to planning our next trip away.

Are you planning on heading to Iceland? Or have you been before? Let me know!

Ta for now x

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