Thursday, 12 January 2017

Flat Tour.

Nearly two years ago Kyle and I moved into our first home together. I remember spending such a long time planning and searching for our furniture, constantly pinning interior design ideas and making sure that it would be just how I wanted it. So two years on, I feel like with the occasional additions the flat its just how I want it and I wanted to share it.

Okay, so lets start with this corner and can we just take a moment to appreciate it, please. It's definitely my favourite part as I love the round mirror from Oliver Bonas and the little half table from Ikea. Shame the giant sound bar ruins it though (I blame that on my boyfriend, but we've got to let them put what they want in there sometimes, right?), oh and the messy box underneath but we'll just ignore that.

With little storage space in the flat, this massive Ikea TV unit has been a god send for all those DVDs we own (I mean, who owns loads of DVDs anymore? We do, that's for sure), and it looks cute too. The prints on top I got from Etsy and printed and framed myself. My favourite has to be the geometric print on the right from RepublicaDeCali. The copper letters are from Oliver Bonas and that candle in the middle there is the one and only Winter candle from The White Company. Pure Christmas-scented heaven right there, and it's on sale right now so even better!

When we first moved in I didn't want any personal photos around the flat as I felt it ruined the style I was going for. Mad, I know. So after a while I decided to get these little picture shelves from Homebase and create a little picture wall. 

This is another one of my favourite spots in the flat (not just because it's my bed, I promise) because of this gorgeous print we have hanging. This was something I'd seen on Etsy and loved it, so my incredibly talented cousin drew it for us which makes it even more special. I have a thing for grey too, so a lot of our furniture and decor is grey with splashes of colour (well, just copper mainly, there's a lot of copper decorations, I can't lie).

And I can't miss out this chest of drawers. We needed some more storage space in the flat and so I was on the hunt for a tall chest of drawers, but we couldn't afford anything at the time. Luckily someone from our estate was giving away an old chest for free, so I snapped it up, gave it a lick of paint and changed the knobs on it. I got these ones from Zara in the sales and I couldn't be happier, they look perfect with the grey theme in our bedroom.

I have to say I think my favourite shop for Homeware has to be Oliver Bonas. Everything is so simplistic and beautiful and all for a reasonable price. Urban Outfitters and Antropologie also have some amazing pieces in, so below are my favourite picks at the moment (can I have them all please?).

ANYWAY, let me know if you want to see more in the comments and i'll do a round up of how I designed the flat, the tools I used and where I got everything from.

Ta for now x





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